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Old Wynberg

Old Wynberg Village

Cape Town - South Africa


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GetWebCentre wishes to thank the following sources for historical information:  

Beyond the City Limits
Author Dr Helen Robinson
JUTA & Co Limited - ISBN 0-7021-4953-5

A Dictionary of South African History
Authors Christopher Saunders
& Nicholas Southey

The Golden Jubilee of Greater Cape Town
Author John R Shorten

Illustrated History of South Africa, The Real History
Readers Digest

Historical Monuments of South Africa
J J Oberholster

Artscape Archives (Artscape archives, Maynardville Open Air Theatre Productions - documents and photographs. accessed 26 May 2004, archivist Paul Regenass); the regular Cape Times p.14 art pages from the time (1950 - 56), the Cape Argus, and first-hand accounts by witnesses.
Sheila Chisholm

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A detailed study of Wynberg

Beyond the City Limits

Material reproduced from Beyond the City Limits with the permission of Juta & Co Limited and the author

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