Old Wynberg

Old Wynberg Village

Cape Town - South Africa


The Hawthorndene Homestead was built by Captain John Spence who owned this part of the original Oude Wijnberg Estate from 1881 until 1888. It was built in the Renaissance manner comprising of more than thirty rooms. This restrained Victorian design includes bay windows, a turret, cast-iron balconies and a french-type mansard roof.

The Prince and Princess Labia

Mining magnate, J B Robinson, bought Hawthornden in 1891. He moved to live in London before returning in 1917, settling in Wynberg with his wife Elizabeth Furgeson. Their daughter, Ida married Count Labia, who later became Prince Labia. 

Their descendants still occupy this stately home.

Previous owners of Hawthornden

Herman Weeckens was granted the land on which he established De Oude Wijnberg farm in 1683.

A portion of the farm which included the homestead, was sold to Captain Joseph Hare in 1820.

It changed hands a couple of times before it was sold to the future Lord de Villiers in 1874.

Captain John Spence bought the property in 1881.

Frederick Philipson-Shaw owned the property from 1888 until 1891 when he sold to Sir J B Robinson.

Ida Robinson, daughter of Sir J B Robinson inherited the home.

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