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Old Wynberg

Old Wynberg Village

Cape Town - South Africa

Things that makes us proud to be South African

• South Africa, almost alone amongst emerging market economies, is set to escape virtually unscathed from the latest bout of investor panic sweeping the Developing world's fragile economies
(The Times, London, August 2001)

• The SA banking sector has been consistently ranked in the top 10 in terms of competitiveness
(IMD, Switzerland)

• When Nelson Mandela was inaugurated President in 1994, SA was insolvent (liabilities exceeded assets). The Government's deficit is currently negligible - one of only a handful of countries in this position.

• We've had single digit inflation since 1993 - following 20 years of double-digit inflation.

• South Africa is one of only 12 countries, where we can drink water from a tap. Our tap water was found to be the 3rd best quality in the entire world.

• In 1986 - A state of emergency was declared, more than 600 000 black people were removed from "white areas", more than 4000 people were detained without trial, white men did two years compulsory military service, our economic growth rate was 0.7 percent. Growth rate in 2002 is close to 3%.

• South African wines win international awards every year and we have the longest wine route in the world.

• Nelson Mandela, an international icon of forgiveness, tolerance and humanity.

• The Kruger Park has the most innovative management of a national park anywhere in the world - and is the world's most profitable game park.

• Eskom is the largest producer of coal-fired electricity in the world and South Africans pay the least for electricity in the world.

• The Cape Peninsula has more species of plants per hectare than any other area in the world.

• Warm, friendly, vibrant an multicultured society.

• The world's most progressive Constitution.

• Kreepy Kraulies - a South African invention.

• Mrs Ball's chutney and biltong.

• The world's best looking population.

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