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Old Wynberg

Old Wynberg Village

Cape Town - South Africa

The Village Square (or rather Triangle) forms the centre of the village. We received the following photograph taken during the late 1960's of the then called "Idoville" cottage. The photograph of "Idoville" cottage was supplied by Claus Andrup, son of Kirsten Edith Andrup, who lived in this cottage from 1964 until 1977 when she moved to London.

Clearly visible is the young tree, planted in 1967 by Kirsten Andrup and which now provides shade on the square.".

Village Square

Village Square

The photograph on the left was taken in 1999, showing the lawned square and park bench. Here we can see the posts that were added around the square.

During 2003, brickpaving, two more trees and a tourist information board was added as pictured in the photograph below which was taken during January 2004.

Village Square 2004

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